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Fan Fic by Sabrina

This page includes or will include links to all of my fan fiction, mostly categorized by fandom. My very first fan fiction was within the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman world. At fifteen, I wrote what ended up being one of my longest pieces of work-and is precisely four chapters from being finished. It is not published here, however all of my other work is. This is my personal archive of work although some of it can be found archived other places.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Mainly fiction from seasons six and seven. Spike/Buffy centered vignettes.

Star Wars - My first Internet forays into fan fiction were within the Star Wars fandom. They are my earliest pieces, probably an embarrassment to my name, but I enjoyed writing them and it gave me a love for writing fan fiction.

Harry Potter - Fan fiction that takes place in the Harry Potter world. Most of my recent work has been in this fandom.