Frequently Asked Questions

These are the use guidelines for the icons on this site. Please read and follow them.

1. Can I use your icons on LiveJournal?

Absolutely! That's why I've placed them up on this site. However I do ask for credit and I really like to know what people are using so please look below.

2. How do I credit icons on LiveJournal?

I ask for credit so that if other people like my icons, they know where they can find them. You may credit either in the keywords or in the comments section. Not certain how to do this? I've placed an example screenshot below. When you upload your picture, either enter my name in the keywords section or place the URL for this website in the comments area.

Using Keywords for Credit in LiveJournal

3. But I tell people where I get my icons if they ask, do I still need to credit.

In a word, yes. It's the polite thing to do and it makes it easier for someone who might not know you well enough to ask where you got something to track down an icon you're using that they like. I tend to get irritable when people don't credit icons that I like and I have to try to track them down. This is part of why I've made it mandatory for use of my icons.

4. Do I need to tell you I'm using your icons?

It isn't necessary, but if people use a lot of a particular type of icon, I'm likely to make more of it. I'd love a comment on my livejournal. Feel free to leave anonymously, if you're a GJ user.

5. I don't have a LiveJournal, but I use GJ (Xanga, etc), can I still use your icons?

Absolutely! Again, credit is great. For non-LJ accounts, you may link to this site. GJ links the same as LJ so if you are uncertain how to credit, see #2.

6. I'd like to use your icons on a message board or website. Is this all right?

As long as you upload the icons to your own server for bandwidth. NO HOTLINKING. Photobucket will allow you to upload images for use on message boards, blogs, and other online journals.

7. Can I edit your icons?

No. My icons look the way they do because that's how I wanted them to look. Unless I specifically label an icon as a base (unusual), consider it unable to be edited. If you really want an icon edited, you may email me (sabrinanymph @ livejournal [dot] com) and if I have time I may be able to help you out.

8. Where do you find your screencaps?

I make many of my own screencaps, most of which I do not actually post as I only cap specific scenes. However, if I have gotten them from another source, you'll find them listed here.

9. Where do you get your brushes?

Again, you'll find brushes in my credit resource information here.

10. How did you make _____ icon?

I work in Photoshop 7. I don't do many tutorials. Or actually any. But I've learned a good deal of what I know from tutorials by indilime and jems

Other Questions? Email me at sabrinanymph @ livejournal [dot] com.

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